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3 tips how to write essay?

We provide custom essay writing. But here you can find the instruction how to write essays by yourself.

1. Prewriting stage.

Here you are preparing your ideas before you start essay writing.

Your actions before writing essay.

A. Think about what you are going to write about. Answer yourself: The main question of your essay. How best to answer it? The facts that you can use.

B. Write all your answers to the above questions.

C. Gather all the facts related to the topic of your essay.

D. Answer, why people should be interested in your topic, why is it important?

E. Please select a most important point of your essay.

F. Organize your facts and ideas in a logical order.

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2. Essay writing.

You are turning their ideas into sentences. First, write the introduction, the main thesis . Then describe each paragraph with clear and simple sentences. Necessarily give examples and references.

3. Essay editing.

Check the spelling mistakes, grammar. Check if your essay of required format.

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